The multiple South West Trials Champion who died exactly 12 months ago whose many talents extended to commentating at most of the country’s pre 65 scrambles events and to running the awards presentation ceremony at the pre 65 Scottish trial. Also on display will be the leading linked front forked 1962 Cotton on which he won his very first trial.  Coincidentally the good friend of Colin and the instigator of the Telford Show, Alan Wright, is to retire through health issues from running his autojumble activity after one last appearance at Telford . “I have run the biggest jumble stand there  every year since the Show first started at Telford in 2010 and this year in a massive  clearout  it will be even bigger  at crazy prices” said the star of the BBC TV  Kickstart series and the double winner of the Scottish Pre 65 classic Trial in 1992 and 1996.  Colin’s son Scott also won the event on a Cotton in 2003.

In many sports youngsters look to emulate their World Championship winning idols.  It is a dream that few of us get close to.  So, when “ice man” Yrjo Vesterinen began to win European trials rounds back in 1974, the sheer effort of topping the world cannot be understated.  He had left his native Finland and set up camp in France and Germany with Charles Coutard and Martin Anker to take on Europe’s cream.  Led by the three Brits Martin Lampkin, Malcolm Rathmell and Mick Andrews, and before them Don Smith and Sammy Miller, Vesty found himself in 1975 in the midst of a 3 way tie on points with Lampkin and Rathmell in the last round of the world series. The title was dependent on a tie-breaker! Who had achieved the most section cleans over the rugged Czech terrain?  At the death, Lampkin had one single clean more than Vesty and took the 1975 inaugural world crown. But in 1976 everything changed and Vesty simply dominated the series to win easily and stamp his authority on the World Trials scene, which was to last for 3 years.  He did so by knowing the rule book back to front and with a new found confidence in his beloved Bultaco.  Indeed he was the tester in chief for the Spanish factory.  For example, he was the first man to test the new supersoft Michelin trials tyre which really did give a massive performance gain. But by 1980 Bultaco were deep in financial troubles leaving Vesty to fend for himself and for 1982 to be based in the UK.  At Telford on display will be the actual machine on which he won his first World title along with two other of his Bultacos including the latest development model which he has worked on for the past 3 years.  “They show the evolution of the Bultaco from 1976 to the present day.” I have spent many hours over the past decade rebuilding close to a dozen models which have all won world or national titles. On the  Telford stage I will also tell  you how I started Apico which was  a big slice of my life after  my riding  retirement  plus, how  now  rate my fabulous little BSA Bantam.

Kelvin Tatum won many races in his long career but anyone wo has ever met him will first of all recall him as an extraordinary storyteller. So, if you want to get a taste of both fun and history just don’t miss the four sessions on stage at Telford over the 2 days. Whilst all champions have tales to tell Kelvin just has loads and loads of face splitters which he reels out without the slightest hesitation. Will interviewer John McCrink have  finally met his match ?

The 3rd Telford guest is Neil Hudson the quiet west country man who won the 1981 world 250cc motocross crown and then retired the following year at the age of 25. Why?

Neils, career will be remembered for the Legal  dispute which barred him from switching from Maico to a big money deal with Yamaha on which he eventually took the title. Hear the full story from the man himself and how he now looks back to compare the 2 machines capabilities and why he  was able to out manoeuvre his Suzuki rival Georges Jobe the Belgian multi world title holder.. At last, he was the champion after being runner up to Hakan Carlqvist in 79 then breaking his leg in the 1980 season.

After failing to finish both opening races at the opening round of the 81 series on the new water cooled Yamaha and still heavily in debt from the court case Neil decided to switch back to air cooling .Success followed but he still trailed his rival into the penultimate Russian  round where he won both legs to dramatically  close the gap .Crucially  Jobe crashed injuring his elbow. The finale was in Holland. There Hudson rode steadily taking no chances to take the title by a minimal 2 points . At last he was the champion.

 Awaiting him back home were his family and some unwanted Friends. _The bailiffs!

Neil is on stage on Sunday only at 12.30 pm

The final guest needs no introduction. The inimitable Sammy Miller. To say that simply undermines his achievements. World class Road racer ,trials rider with over 1000 wins and now a miracle man at the age of 90  last month and still running the museum amongst so much else that he crams 10 days into a week. Everyone just knows his speech on Saturday(at 1.30pm only on Saturday)will be vintage . You can’t miss it. I’ll be there.